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Ingenuity, Intuition and Instinct

"Ingenious but not correct" is a phrase I remember as teachers seemed to acknowledge that although I failed with the correct answer, that there was a quality that showed that perhaps not all was in vain.

To me I was almost able to see this as a compliment. There was something exciting about ingenuity and its close counterpart intuition.

The idea of something being correct in some way implies a singular answer or conclusion.

Ingenuity seems to open up the possibility of a number of answers, The creative mind is opening up various solutions.

Much of our educational system, at least as I experienced it, is geared towards achieving the correct answers to many questions in diverse academic subjects.

Our brain in these circumstances is almost trained towards achieving this correctness as it's norm.

There seem to be similarities between the brain and the computer. The brain is undoubtedly more spectacular in it's nature and function, but both can be "programmed".

Ingenuity, intuition and instinct are three qualities that will be prevelant in an untrained brain, There are undoubted learning and developments that enhance these, but they seem to be fundamental qualities, natural abilities that can be applied in multiple ways.

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