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It just is as it is

The way everything is.

The way education makes us think.

How the original plan was set in place.

Where from and how did it come.

All we can do to describe this is by accepting that it "Just is".

It has to be seen in a different way, away from mathematics and conventional language.

Which was the prime movement, was it mathematics, the world of equations, or just pure evolution, if that is the word?

It just materialised, not out of nothing, but if out of something, what was that?

Beyond any of this it "just is".

The concept of this wonderverse is so ultimate, that everything is in it's place, mathematics, harmony of all kinds relate in a way that is beyond calculation,

it "Just is".

Primal forms display mathematics and geometry, but were conceived outside of a mathematical brain.

All of nature's marvels perhaps were conceived similarly.

Mathematics can be our only way of understanding these universal marvels.

Just because so much can be explained through these means, does not necessarily mean that such a "brain" created them.

It is our way of explaining it all, but there is a good chance that an intuitive action is responsible, one so in tune with the processes involved that it is

"Just able" to carry out the creation.

In answer to the question, what is it, it "Just is what it is".

It is an expression of a phenomena, what results from applying principles of an origin within the nature of what is present in the universe.

Part of the working elements that are responsible for the function and building of all the actions that carry out everything that is required for a successful working universe and natural world.

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