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Sacred Geometry, The Effects Of Beauty And Harmony

I remember as a child being given a book that outlined the significance of the natural proportion phenomenon. This was a child's art book that was interesting in the way it explored the relationship between art and nature.

The awareness that resulted has shaped and influenced my work by helping the realisation of the importance of this natural element to the creative process. It has also led to an understanding of how the various aspects of my work relate.

It is interesting to look back at earlier work and have a new perspective on its meaning and the motivation that contributed to its creation. With advancing maturity it becomes clearer what earlier work was about and the way in which it paved the way for what was to come.

The first step in the early development stage is one of observation, to absorb things that at the time are not necessarily appreciated, yet somehow they seem relevant. Even before this stage we may have experiences that enter consciousness, dwelling there to surface later.

Sacred Geometry is the term that helps us define nature's creation activity in terms of geometry. as well helping the appreciation of the resulting harmony. Growth and proportion of nature's architecture conforms to this. Through evaluation of its importance in nature we aim to incorporate these principles in our design. Examples are found extensively in art and architecture, particularly because of a connection to the divine, notably in cathedral and church design.

Proportions as in the golden section, an essential element of sacred geometry, produce aesthetic integrity and beauty with widely appreciated qualities that touch our senses in a profound way.

It is clear that harmony in its many expressions, from music to design, draw on the same underlying principles. In essence a structure seems to be understood and which can be traced to a mathematical foundation.

The" Music of the Spheres" is a description of sacred geometry and sets out a clear connection between sound harmonics and geometry as in celestial movements.

Working with these principles, appreciation and deep satisfaction is produced. The underlying integrity being understood ensures true beauty as a result. It's almost as if these qualities are not present that it is perceived that something is deficient, so powerful is its influence.

We are educated by these beauty principles experienced all around us in nature as well as in art and design. This contributes to our wellbeing and happiness in a subliminal way. Without this as an essential part of everyday experience our lives would surely be poorer. These proportions are almost inescapable for us as they also are an integral part of our own body's skeletal design. Everywhere and in almost every aspect of our lives, in one form or another sacred geometry is present and part of our experience.

Pages from the book that initially sparked this interest

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