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The Primal Form Story

What is a primal form, why the term primal form? Prime, primal suggests importance and essentiality. The most essential form is perhaps the sphere. All the regular solids, the forms that are the building elements of the physical world relate back to the sphere. They can be drawn on a sphere, the points that mark their identity can be plotted on a sphere. In our physical world the sphere can be seen as the prime primal form, the one that precedes all others. Seen in terms of the dimensions, a dot is a first dimensional point. This dot is essentially a sphere in the making. It has roundness, almost by definition, but lacks the three dimensionality that turns it or a circle into a sphere. The circle, lacking the three dimensional aspect is therefore two dimensional. The circle "spun" around in all directions assumes three dimensionality, it becomes the sphere. In this role as a marker that can define the essence of dimensionality in this way, it almost without question, fulfils the definition of prime quality, the form from which all evolves. The sphere has so many important manifestations, from the shape of the planets to the ultimate rolling form. A ball can roll in all directions, its spherical integrity/accuracy enabling its widespread use, in ball games, ball bearings etc. A two dimensional circular form, such as a tyre, in contrast can only roll in a single direction The sphere also has important physical properties, that for example enable an air filled bubble to be spherical. A sphere has an important efficiency quality as it encloses the maximum interior volume with the minimum surface area.

The Primal Form story begins with the sphere, taking the unmarked static one, unaffected by any outside stimulus or interference. It was then subjected to a simple action such as a twist, or something that breaks the static nature, giving it a pattern. A simple action could be any number of things, anything that disrupts creating a new identity. This is similar to the way that a mark and a drawing will give identity to a flat surface. Smooth mill pond water can be disturbed by an interference causing ripples.

Our earth has two poles, the first of my primal forms was a carved wooden sphere with two poles/centres. This simple fundamental beginning starts a journey of progression introducing new criteria in the form of spirals, orbits, waves, as well as curves. Prior to this perceived beginning of the primal form journey were a number of constructed spherical structures, the first of which displayed a pattern of "finger print" type marks, deriving from a simple disruption of the smooth spherical surface. Other examples in this pre stage explored spherical geometry and introduced the idea of wave and curvature patterning.

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