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Wellbeing, Our Wonderful Link To Beauty, Harmony And Proportion

The natural world, the way that everything in the universe works, the grand design of all that constitutes this, exemplifies the perfection of a designed system. This construction from elements that build everything necessary for this creation to exist, develop and sustain itself, is the ultimate expression that it is possible to imagine. All our contributions will always be subject to the standards set by those of this natural world. Taking this into account human endeavour has always looked at this natural world, seeking inspiration and solutions for all our requirements. Studying the phenomena gives insight into how there is an interaction between the various distinct areas found in this natural world. There is a fundamental linking factor that runs through this creation. It has been found that numbers and patterns, the essence of geometry is able to aid the appreciation and understanding of this. An universal law of harmony seems to operate across distinct areas and can apply equally to plant growth as well as governing musical harmony. This is an example of the functioning that determines the nature of the grand creative design.

A photo of fir cones developing in the garden

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